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A German Motorcycle Club on the territory of stars and stripes ??
Unusual..sure, but there were no integration problems when our club joined the Biker community of
El Paso?

We all like partys and touring and we enjoy many events together with our American Bros and Sis.
That´s what the German MC Magazine `Bikers News` wrote about us in their Club portrait....

Now we would like to introduce ourself to the Biker Scene in
Germany and the United States
(That is what I am trying to do here)

It all started in 1987 When a few motor biking soldiers of the German Airforce Airdefence School, located at Fort Bliss Texas, decided to ride as a Club....(instead of a wild bunch....)

This was our first color

The Club members today are 90% German, but there are also a few American members, and hopefully there are more to come...
Usually we all stay between eight month to five years in El Paso before the Airforce transfers us back to Europe..
Well,.. ok some of us got married decided to stay for the rest of their days...
In summer 94 we were able to ride out with as much as 30 Bikes.
Today we are totally integrated in the El Paso Biker community.

There are a lot of great Clubs we have a special relationship to, like the Blue Knights,
Desert Air`s, The Vietnam Vets, Del Fuego, Triumph Assc.
and all the other great Clubs within the aera, that are not listed here.....
The whole biker community of the area helped us from the beginning until today
Thanks a lot for your friendship and support over the last 15 years.


In 1996 the independent GMC Alamogordo was founded.
This Club is not a chapter.

The GMC Alamogordo New Mexico will have its own traditions and its own heart.

The GMC El Paso is always in contact with the GMC Alamogordo so that we share many partys, runs and other events.
The GMC Alamogordo today is completely independend, has its own president, and is making its own decissions....

Many bikers from El Paso and the surrounding area look forward to the
traditional German MC Bike Blessing (Motorradweihe) each spring.
We decided to bring this traditional German season starter
to the El Paso community, to offer a little variety to all the `Toy Runs`
everybody already knows...... The main events are the
Jap motor tossing and the rubber boot throwing contest.

(By the way: there is nothing less important than what brand
the bike is that you ride here...)

We also enjoy the Bike Rodeos around El Paso... the point here is to do lots of things while riding the bike very slow
(like slow race, Wienie bite and other fun stuff)
Riding fast is too easy, don`t you agree ?

You will find almost all kind of personalities among the members of the GMC.
Beginning with real 1% folk up to a priest we have em all...

There are 20 year old Jap Bikers as well as the 30 year old chopper freak or the mid fourty BMW rider...

At this point I would like to thank all the American Bikers or
friends we met during our stay in
El Paso who helped us wherever they could.

Thats one of the things that will never be forgotten by our
Bros already returned home, and this is one of the things
that will always be kept in our hearts....

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